Citrasolv Artist of the Month

I am honored to be the November Citrasolv Artist of the Month. If you do Citrasolv art you may want to enter the Citrasolv Falling Into Art Contest. The Muse groups are having lots of fun using Citrasolved National Geographic pages for collage.  Often these papers provide just enough of a ghostly image to catalyse the imagination. I found this climber suspended in a green Citrasolved phantasmagoria and, well here’s what came of it. . .

poured and marbled and rollered acrylic and collage (Citrasolved Nat’l Geo) on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

Lava surges while supporting these climbers as they scale and then drop, all steely determination alternating with surrender.  

They know the ups and downs, the coarse feel of rock on torn fingers, the concentration of just the very next move, no more.  They know the stakes, too high for ordinary comfort or laziness or fear to take hold.  That fear sits out on the horizon somewhere, waiting for them to beckon it back.  

They see the point reaching out to impale them, and studiously ignore what causes most of us to cringe and weep.  The lava slide of molten feeling becomes the reason to climb.

At times it is the alter-ego that emerges in art journaling.  You know, the one that does in your dream life what you most fear to do in your waking one.  I had a father who was fearless and a mother who liked to protect me from fearful things.  What can one do but split in two.  At this age I’ll leave the climbing to younger ones, a son who shows an interest in rock climbing perhaps.  I’ll do my courting of danger on the art page and in swashbuckling dreams!


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