A Temple With Moonglow

acrylic, foil, “skins” etc on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

“Just a-round the cor-ner may be sun-shine for you. . .”  and a pile of fruit with some pumpkins thrown in.  We all need a temple space to burrow in, when the wind blows things haywire and the moon tips up her skirts and dims down, leaving us confused and wandering. . .a shelter that holds onto the moonglow, supports the sunbeams, and moves with the tides.  Around this corner is the very thing to keep me safe, marooned in a temple of grasses, where ancient rites keep the sun and the moon cycling.

We all need sanctuary, which is why I repeat this theme often in the Muse groups, so that I can find my latest safe place in the imaginal realm.

My husband and I just joined a CSA or Community Shared Agriculture farm program (with Laguna Farms in Sebastopol) where we pick up a box of their local, in season, lovingly grown, organic vegetables every week.  A pumpkin was included the first week.  Can you see where this imagery, which was just playful gluing on of color pieces when it started, connected with the sun and moon cycles, with the safety and nourishment that we can get from the food we eat?

I’m off to Pleasanton today to teach a 3-day sketchbooking workshop with the art league there.  Very much looking forward to it, and I’ll be sharing lots of sketches when I return.



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