Tree Spirit

watercolor painted on acrylic textured illustration board, 30 X 20″

This painting is currently hanging at the Sebastopol Center for the Arts in the “Shoes” themed show (October 27 – Dec. 3), which is sooo much fun to see! The opening was last night, and we were supposed to wear two different shoes to celebrate the theme.  No one seemed to be looking at feet in the press of people, so I’m not sure the idea got off the ground.

You cannot imagine how many different ways the artists depicted shoes in various mediums from ceramics to recycled thises and thats , photography of course and some very clever paintings.  I loved the recycled sculpture that had a circular saw blade coming up through the center of the shoe, a sensation I believe I’ve endured after a spell of wearing the wrong sort of shoe.  If you’re local, go and check out the show, and simultaneously the Art Heaven painters here in Sebastopol have a very fun show going on in Gallerie II there.

Trees are a common theme in my paintings.  This one, painted a few years ago, was inspired by the sycamore tree in front of our home, a boy friendly tree frequently inhabited by my sons when they were younger.  They always seemed to belong there, like tree spirits, making such a natural connection that the tree seemed to have grown feet and tennis shoes!



  1. I saw this yesterday, though I missed the reception. It’s a great piece in a great show! I love the association of sycamore trees and tennis shoes. When I was a kid we had a ‘monkey swing” from a sycamore tree. I feel like that beautiful scaling, whitish bark is ingrained into me from scaling and hugging that tree so many times. When I saw the child in the tree it took me way back. Re shoes: those Ked-type tennis shoes were a childhood staple, and I was always losing one shoe in orchards or pastures and driving my mom crazy. I do believe that sycamore trees are friendly, and you caught that spirit.


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