Visitors of all sorts

Hummingbird in my studio skylight

The best part of doing open studios is all the wonderful visitors we get.  Friends not seen in ages drop in, and fascinating folks with common interests in art, and teenagers with pink hair and piercings, taking notes for their reports.

And this time I had two extra special guests. . .a placid baby who settled into my lap (oh it’s been too long since I’ve snuggled a baby!) and made one syllable exclamations as I stamped gold dragonflies on his hand . . .and a hummingbird that flew into my studio and couldn’t find her way out. She became quite panicked, buzzing aggressively in the wrong directions and finally perched in my skylight, becoming eerily still.

Perhaps she had given up or perhaps realized that i was a friend when she stepped onto my profered pole so that i could carry her back out. Later I considered how absolutely marvelous it would have been if she’d stayed and become contented and built herself a little nest on my nature shelf and laid some eggs and hatched babies and . . .Sigh. At least I had a few minutes of wildness in my studio.


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