“Chasm”, acrylic on collage/gel textured canvas, 36 X 36″

The latest painting in my new abstract landscape series, which I’m showing at ARTrails Open Studios this weekend and next.  I suggest you move around inside the image and look out from the different vantage points, unless of course you suffer from acrophobia!

We’ve had lovely weather for open studios this weekend.  Thanks to those of you who have come!  We’ll be open again next weekend, 10-5 both days.  Hope to see you then.  You can find us (my husband Bob’s studio and mine) here.



  1. (This comment is from Muriel)
    wow! cerulian blue and marigold! love those burridge colors …

    i’m sitting under the pricariously perched blue thatched hut eyeing the rope bridge spanning the chasm … looks a bit iffy but it must be crossed … watch out for falling rock!

    how did the stringy bridge emerge?


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