Political Indigestion

ink, acrylic, collage on  w/c paper, 10 X 11″

Once upon a time there was a battle brewing, each side trying to rack up as many numbers as possible- signatures, votes, finance moneys.  They started with sweet talk and grand pronouncements, then bared their teeth and started eyeing each other’s throats.

Once upon a time there was a masquerade which was supposed to be a party, but it got out of hand, and the masqueraders started claiming responsibility for holding up the building.  They were smug and quite pleased with their false certitude, dressing it up with ribbons and feathers. 

Meanwhile the numbers kept coming in.  But they meant nothing, just a series of O’s with nothing in front of them.

Remind you of presidential politics on the evening news?  That’s when I tune in (briefly) while making dinner.  Probably not a good combination – food preparation and politics.  I should know better.  I just end up trying to digest it in my art.

This was a demo for the Tuesday Muses where we were incorporating words/numbers as graphic elements in the design.  I have lots of ink/gesso Rohrshachs, so I started with this one.

I could already see the angry creatures in this one. Maybe you see a kiss or one of those dancers or butterfly shapes? But the story didn’t come forth until I did the writing at the end.  Political indigestion takes many forms, and I prefer this one.



  1. Regarding a response to “Political Indigestion” , I didn’t see the political figures fighting, I saw an amazing beautiful creature! Almost like dancing.


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