Homeplay Assignment

graphite powder, Pearl Ex pigments, matte medium, on w/c paper 10 X 11″

What the heck?!  Well, let me explain.  I gave the Muse Groups a homeplay assignment which follows:

Find a (non literal) shape, naturally occurring somewhere like in rough plaster or a dirt stain or a spider web or wall paper, etc.  Copy it onto your art journal page and write where you found it.

The first group came back having valiantly tried to follow my random and insufficient directions, and each person had a different interpretation of the assignment, much like the game of “telephone” we used to play at parties.

Well, what I meant to say,  is one of those shapes your mind finds unbidden when you’re relaxed, lying in bed staring at the ceiling and you suddenly see a face with a crazy hooked nose or an animal.  Or maybe you’re “on the bathroom throne on an overcast morning following the first autumn rain”  and you look up and there in the plaster texture just inches from you is the cutest little squirrel carrying something like a shopping bag.  He must be rushing off somewhere. . .

Don’t lock me up.  That’s the way our brains all work and it’s the stuff the creative mind has to work with. I’d love to write a children’s story about this little guy, but at least I brought my paper into the bathroom and copied him EXACTLY as he was on the wall.  Then, because I’ve been wanting to try out my new graphite powder, I smudged it onto the paper in the shape I’d drawn, then glazed it with my other new art toy – the sparkly powdered pigments mixed with matte medium.

Want to try it?



  1. I’ve seen shapes like this all my life! So glad I’m not alone 😉 Will have to try copying one into my journal. Curious about the Pearl Ex and graphite, did you mix them together with the medium or graphite first?


    1. The graphite powder I applied with my finger tip onto dry paper after I’d drawn the shape in with pencil. The Pearl Ex I mixed with matte medium before applying and it served as a fixative for the graphite as well. The Pearl Ex powder gets everywhere if not mixed fixed.


  2. I know exactly what you are on about! I too see images in lots of unexpected places. Our ceiling is knotty pine and there is a plethora of animals, people and weird stuff going on up there. Every day the shadow of my folded towel in the bathroom throws a different face. I love you blog and your art is wonderful.


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