Embrace Life

acrylic inks, gesso, collage on w/c paper 10 X 11″ (Muse Group demo)

Hey there Mr. Alphabet man!  What have you got to say?

“First off, ‘Keep a little smile on, that’s the right thing to do.’ [the song lyrics]. Sing a song, dance a gig, wear bright colors and throw out your arms to embrace life.  It’s not going to come running after you.  Go out and track it down.  And don’t be so picky, so uppity and all.  You are not too good, too holy, too sophisticated or smart.  You’re also not too homely or boring or untalented, unstylish and all those other “uns”. 

So go out and grab life by the . . . (bleep) and splash all that wild enthusiasm out onto the world in generous dollops of liquor soaked whipped cream.  Be a farmer, be an arteest, be an brainy-act or whatever, but FOR PETE’S SAKE BE REAL!!

When I cut this guy out I just knew he would have a lot to say.  I think he wanted to express all my enthusiasm for these three new Muse Group series I just started this past week.  It was a week of making new friends and joining together in some quiet and some outrageous art adventures.  We started with inks and gesso, my favorite way to shed inhibitions using technicolor and the brain’s capacity to make meaning out of weird shapes and loose connections.

There is still one place left in the Saturday Muse Group (meets monthly). If you’re interested, contact me.


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