Painting Large

“Falls”, acrylic on collaged papers and acrylic medium texture on canvas, 36 X 36″

I’ve been gradually working on painting larger to have paintings with greater impact.  This size is still not particularly large, yet begins to be the size that one must figure out how to manuever around it in such a way as to prevent back pain from the bending and reaching  I must paint flat because I paint so wetly that it drips the minute I put it upright.

I’m learning.  It’s a great deal of back and forth, painting, letting it dry, then putting it on the easel and standing back to see what I’ve got. And since I have such a desire to entertain the eye in each section of the painting, there’s a lot more effort involved at this size.  Not that I don’t always start out telling myself to simplify, simplify.  Actually I tell myself that the entire time I’m painting and especially at the end, when a good 50% of what I’ve painted gets painted over.  Perhaps I shouldn’t be telling my secrets here, but then I imagine some of you can relate or at least offer suggestions?

“Falls” is now hanging on the wall, a big warm presence in my studio, and a herald for the open studios which is coming up in two weeks.  I hope you have it on your calendar (if you’re local to Sebastopol, CA)  ARTrails Open Studios is Oct 15, 16, 22, and 23.  I’m studio 39 and you can look up the catalogue and plan a route online.



  1. We have some open studio tours that same weekend here in Virginia. I’m looking forward to seeing the artists’ new work.

    I really like the effect you get with the paint and collaged papers.


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