The Secret of Flight

Acrylic, collage, image transfer on coffee baked w/c paper 10 X 11″

Arabian nights entertainment with damsels in the clutches of gilded birds, shapeshifting as the music plays a syncopated beat and words scatter, catch an updraft,  float downwards

This dance of life yet mocked by birds who know the secret of flight while sharing the earth for feeding, nesting, sleeping. 

Her hair becomes a nest, a birthing place for art to be born. How many such nests lie waiting today?  Will there be a hatch?

I thought maybe I’d shared enough birds lately.  (though there’s still more waiting with their wings in the wings)  And then what happens but they show up in my art journal pieces!

This one began as a demo for a Muse Group where we played with aging papers to get the historic/antique look.  I crumpled and soaked the paper in coffee and baked it til it was just dry, and used collaged pieces from a 19th century book of stories from the Arabian nights.  The image transfer is from a toner copy of a figure sketch, a simple line drawing,  I did over a year ago, transferred with gel medium.

In my Sebastopol, California studio I’m starting up three new Muse Groups this week, weekly Tuesday afternoons and Saturday and Sunday monthly groups.  There’s still space in the Saturday Muse Group if you’re interested. These are the groups where you can learn to paint intuitively and learn a different mixed media painting technique each session.  For more information check out my website.



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