Fire Bird

acrylic with acrylic skins on w/c paper mounted on canvas 12 X 12″

Remember the Firebird car?  Now that was racy! I lived in a central California valley town when I was in high school and this was the ultimate ride for cruising the avenue on a Saturday night.  Not that I ever got to.  I was forbidden to engage in this activity and besides, whenever I broke the rule, I had to go in a gutless Rambler American.  Not the stuff to attract guys with.  Oh well.

So I guess I’m still longing for expression of my racier alter ego.  Voila!  Fire Bird!



  1. Yes, the lovely colors of this bird are wonderful. I especially love the background though and am wondering how you did it? btw, regarding ‘cruising,’ the one and only time I got to do this was graduation night when my girlfriend was allowed to take her family car out on the boulevard. It was a station wagon! Ha ha ha!


    1. Did I ever tell you Paula, about how my parents let me get new seat covers for the Rambler I was to drive, and I picked leopard seat covers?! That was about as close as i got to racy back then.


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