Madame Bird

acrylic with acrylic skins collage on w/c paper mounted on canvas, 12 X 12″

Another spin off of the peahen – this gal sporting a hat which reminds me of one I tried on at the Sausalito Art Festival recently – the most glorious concoction which reminded me of how deprived our fashion lives have become, out here in Sonoma County at any rate, where jeans and straw sun hats make more sense than high heals and little poofy hats perched precariously at an angle.  I mean that just doesn’t cut it when you’re always on your way out to feed the chickens or toss rotting apples off the pathway.

But oh, how lovely!  I’ve decided to call this series of bird paintings “Party Chicks” (rather than Birds) even though I might get some unexpected search engine driven visitors.  But why not?

I just had a session with a private student who found me when she was searching for a recipe for roasted beets.  No kidding.  That brought her to my husband’s blog and finally to mine where she recognized a connection with the art I do. I have a good recipe for roasted beets too!



  1. I like “Party Chicks”, and yours are always so well dressed and such fun. Your penhen definitely belongs in the group. How might you name them individually?

    An aside: you might not be able to avoid unfortunate connotations, as the word “bird” in English slang means a girlfriend when used with a possessive and in other contexts is a derisive reference to females.


    1. They all have names. This one’s name is “Madame Bird”. That’s part of the fun of it for me. As I’m playing around, dressing them up in pieces of acrylic skins they take on a character and their name pops up!

      I see what you mean about bird and chick both having connotations, chick being perhaps a more American sounding one?


    1. Actually Bob has an idea to make a poster with all of them on it. Could be fun. Or of course greeting cards. But I’ll be selling the originals at very reasonable prices at ARTrails OPen Studios coming up next month.


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