Duchess Bird

acrylic, acrylic “skins” collage on w/c paper mounted on canvas, 10X10″

I can’t stop painting party chicks!  I think it’s because I have a hidden desire to dress up that doesn’t fit with my personality or life style.  This might surprise you, but I don’t really care to attract a lot of attention to myself.  So I dress up my chicks and you can look at them instead!

The Duchess here dresses like this every day.  Those thin legs are stronger than they look, hauling many pounds of feather ruffles around behind her. She’ll look you dead in the eye and put you in your place, which is at her feet of course.



  1. Have I made NO impression on you these past two years??? Be wild, treat yourself as another canvas and “paint” liberally! If we only have one go ’round, let’s make it ALL a party! I think the Duchess is my favorite so far.

    btw, my granddaughter will be at the Ren fair this weekend in costume doing the hair of the actors and providing some atmosphere as well. She will be playing a guy who is a Ren actor who plays women’s parts–a girl playing a guy who plays a girl! Will you be going to sketch again?


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