The Boyz

Acrylic, image transfer (clear contact paper), collage on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

Muse Group demo

For my Muse Group demo of image transfer techniques last weekend I decided to use recent pictures of my boys.  Pictures of course are always worth a thousand words, so no more needs be said.  If you knew them, you’d know what I mean. . .

My “empty nest” distress eased up over the weekend when Andy came home unexpectedly for a brief visit, mostly with his friends, but also with us.  So I was ready to play with the pictures and have some fun with the Joker archetype.  He seems to be laughing at me, as if to say, “Did you really think they would always be your little boys? Ha!”  Well, I’m laughing too at the moment and enjoying  having more men in my life!



  1. I had to share a comment (received by email) from my dear friend Kay, who’s in my mother’s group, even though, frankly it made me blush. She wrote:

    Susan — your phrase “lightening the load of everyday living” is a terrific way to describe the value behind the kind of art you do. Thanks for reminding us about the healing power of creative expression, and for being so willing to share yourself as an artist. I think that, in addition to being very talented, you are also brave, and we are all beneficiaries of your creative risk taking.
    In The Boyz, I respond especially strongly to all that lush red — a river and a wind of red, tying together all the varied images of your boys, a clear, living red like a valentine, like a beating heart, like blood family, like a healthy womb, ripe with all the possibilities for their futures. –K


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