Dream surfing

acrylic, gesso, collage on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

The door to the unconscious was wide open in this one, and look what swam/fly/skied out.  Actually it’s another dream, a really cool one where I’m in the ocean with a surf board and a little plane flies overhead with a rope and handle attached, and I pick it up and get a fantastic ride!  Until suddenly I realize that such reckless abandon might be a bit dangerous. . .

It doesn’t seem fair that even in my dreams I don’t get too far with the giddy delight of flying or surfing or being romanced or whatever before the wet blanket falls and I get all “sensible”.  Last time I checked, no one was inviting me to take such a ride in waking life, so I guess I shouldn’t complain.

Got to go t-shirt shopping on Telegraph Ave in Berkeley and meet Andy’s dorm mates this weekend, alternating between waves of youthful memories and the awkwardness of my “advanced” age colliding with this culture of youth.



  1. Oh I know how it feels to be confronted with one’s age as we enter our grown children’s experiences! I have been dreaming with the force of a hurricane for months now and finally ended a series (of real dreams) with the image of a burned down city! But I woke-up happy! So I’m thinking my unconscious might be pointing out to me how the other side of final (metaphoric) destruction is rebirth/rebuilding. Susan, congratulations on your son’s new stage in college and yours, whatever it may be! Your work is marvelous and always a surprise and joy to get in my email-box. I haven’t been responding as, until recently, life has been hard. The last pet-of-the-children’s-childhood, our cat Jeannie Z. Pussywillow, died–she was 18– and I was devastated as it was such a hard marker of the transition I am now in at my age—a young 56, but 56 nonetheless! But I am painting every day and writing, of course. At some point I’ll share some images with you. But in the meantime, thanks for your images, dreams, and words. Warmly, Laurie Reiche


    1. Your burned down city image followed by relief and happy feelings is such a great example of how dreams help to actually unburden us of baggage we’ve been carrying around. So sorry to hear about Pussywillow! and glad to hear you’re still painting and writing every day – you’re an an inspiration to me too. I hope to have you back in person some time when you’re well enough.


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