Photo Booth Fun and Citrasolv Art Contest

paper towel with dried paint on it mounted on 10 X 11″ w/c paper, b/w pictures taken in

Photo Booth on my Mac, with acrylic glazes

I have a dream that I look up and see the date written in the sky, and realize it’s been collaged there.  Next thought – oh my, what if I am a collage piece, glued on in one of my creative fantasies.  What if I am caught in an art journal piece, now archived in Susan’s ongoing book, left behind, frozen in one of my many personas.

What was I thinking?  “I need a new wardrobe – something bright and kooky, a new hair color” or

was I wearing fear around my neck, like a necklace of roaring lion teeth. . .

Perhaps the polka dots will save me as i step lightly from one to another, not becoming too dismayed at all my different parts being captured “click, click!” and glued down.

After having this dream I was wondering how I might put myself in a dream illustration.  Then I remembered the Photo Booth on my Mac.  There’s all kinds of backgrounds you can use and distortions and, well you could spend an afternoon of entertainment playing around on it.  Or, print out some poses for your art journal piece, glue them down and color them in with paint!

There’s a lot to be dismayed about these days.  I watch the hurricane moving up the east coast and think of all my friends, for just one.  This dream piece turned into a message about the importance of stepping lightly through our life roles and events so we don’t get glued down into one persona that isn’t working, or worse yet, get stuck with our head in a lion’s mouth!

The winners for  the Cultivate Your Creativity contest on the Citrasolv Art website were just announced and I won first place!  I am so honored, and you’ll see why when you check out the amazing art that was entered in the contest.



  1. Congratulations, Susan. Well-deserved!

    We are weathering the hurricane well so far. It has been raining heavily since about 1:00 this afternoon and the wind intermittently is fierce, but we’re dry and still have power, unlike many thousands of others. I have never been more thankful for our new windows as I am now. My son in NYC is keeping in touch, so I know he’s ok, too.


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