Grabbing on and letting go

Acrylic, collage on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

Swimming up through a surging tunnel I am a little tadpole with a wiggle and wag, arms moving to the music.  Do you hear it everyone?  Let’s boogie!

I am an artist.  I know how to draw and paint my world.  I am an inventor and some day I will have the answer to global warming.

You want to know how to dance in the middle of a storm/earthquake/famine/flood?  I’ll teach you how.

I know how to grab on and let go.

This piece started from a dream where I reached out to help an overwhelmed African mother with her baby who was fussing.  But I was too tired to do much but support the baby.  Someone turned on some music just then and the baby threw up his arms and danced joyfully with only the slightest support from me.  A pretty transparent dream, since my son Andy, the “baby” in the family, just left for college.  A reassuring boost for a tired and anxious mother in colorful dream language.  He’ll not just be OK, he will thrive.  Now, can I relax?

Yes, and I spent a rejuvenating week “off the grid” at a retreat center in the redwoods in the Santa Cruz mountains, meditating and observing silence.  Actually I broke the silence only to speak to Cherise, the peahen who lives there. I couldn’t resist and I hoped that didn’t count.  Each night she roosted on the railing outside the women’s dormitory and always joined us for meals, eating out of my hand after a while.  Sigh.  Meanwhile the mind practiced grabbing on and letting go all week, ending with an intoxicating LETTING GO!

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