Summer sketches

Green Sharpee pen and watercolor in w/c sketchbook

This from a hiking trip in the Sierras a couple weeks ago.  Sketching Isabelle’s nap, it was all i could do to stay awake!  I put the Buttes in there because i knew all she could think about was how she could climb them the next day, and then there just wasn’t space for the beautiful crystalline lake at her feet.  One has to pick and choose.  But check out Isabelle’s sketch to get a better idea of the mountain view.

And later, sitting lakeside again at yet another perfect spot, I had to stop before painting the mountains, which were not completely snow clad (obviously).  The urge to simply sit and gaze was too great.  I always have to allow myself the option to not “finish” these sketches which are meant to be reflections of the moment, not realistic paintings.

I hope you can join me later this month Aug. 27 for some quick capture sketching of the chickens and goats at the Rose and Thorn Gift and Garden shop here in Sebastopol, CA.  For more information and to register go to my Imagine With Art website.


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