More trip sketches

Sharpee pen and watercolor in 7 X 5″ sketchbook

Some more sketches, these from my trip to Sedona in the spring.  I was struck by the serene beauty of this girl, and the unusual shape of her body compressed in the wheelchair.

Ipads, Kindles, Cell phones, Laptops, and me here, ancient history with my pen and paper.

In the airport I was sitting behind all these folks, with the bright light of day and reflection off the airplanes on the other side of the windows shining in my eyes.  That gave me the idea to see if I could get any gesture in the simple outline of the backs of their heads and shoulders.  Wouldn’t it be fun to write a little story about each of them?

There wasn’t anywhere you could sit and eat in the part of Sedona where I stayed without a view of the red rocks. So I had to do at least one quick sketch of it while waiting for my dinner one day.



  1. The more I admire this one the more I like it. Sketching can be kind of awkward sometimes because people are caught in the moment. But this is one is so serene. I feel as if I know her and admire her.


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