Teen longing in a mother’s heart

Inks and collage on w/c paper, 10 X 11″ (Demo for Nurses’ workshop)

Boys come forth with their big noisy presence, ready to save the world for us, though not quite yet.

I sit in my room and listen to the racket, feel the walls vibrate with drumbeats, a reassuring sound – and the scent of pepperoni pizza, the frozen kind, dripping cheese on the oven – a familiar smell, a reassuring one.  All is well with the teenaged hunk, doing the things they do to pass the time, feeling at home for these last weeks in the parents’ domain.

So why do I dream of my own teen self, the girl who played her guitar and dreamed of boys like this?  Perhpas it’s the illusion or perhaps fact, that soon the empty nest will be the beginning of a new creativity.  Will I learn another language and musical instrument?

Will I write songs full of that teenage longing?

Not much to add to this one.  My youngest is off to college in a month and my mother’s heart is a girl’s heart as well, living it all over again.



  1. I have been enjoying my son this summer – he’s staying at my house, thank goodness he got a job, but he has to commute 45 minutes back and forth. He does software engineering. He hopes to move to San Francisco once he saves up and gets a job in SF. Then I will miss him…


  2. I so identified with this. My son graduated from NYU last May and now lives in NYC. The morning after he graduated, it hit me that he was on his own. I was walking down those long city blocks in tears.


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