Student Inks and Textures

by Sarah

Starting by texturing the watercolor paper with thick gesso and then a bit of salt dropped in places, letting it dry and then painting loosely with inks. Here’s some more of the playful landscapes created by the students in the workshop last weekend.

by Joyce

Starting out with a circular, radiating design in the texture Joyce captured the rolling dynamics of the surf, adding collage for interest.

by Gayle

and adding collage to an abstract landscape to build mystery and create story. . .

by Kate

. . .layers of textures and inks and irridescents for more landscape magic. . .

by Silvia

 Here is Silvia’s figurative painting over textures over text written with an ink dropper!

by Barbara

. . .and another textured figure, this one dancing!

by Penny

Some ink blot fun here!  Can you see Penny’s name written in pink?  Write your name on one side of a fold with an ink dropper, fold over and press. . .


One comment

  1. You have such a talented group of students.

    Have you used or heard of a paper called TerraSkin? It’s made in Canada and is “green”. Ann at All Things Paper featured it earlier this week.


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