Inks and Textures Galore!

“Inks and Textures Galore” workshop, July 17

Here I am spraying and splattering inks and hoping to inspire creative activity in the workshop this past weekend.  Not a difficult task with this group of eager artists, experienced and beginning painters alike, who took off at the gate like race horses.  I’ll be showing some of their paintings this week and start off with the demo paintings I did.

Higgins Waterproof inks, gesso and collage on 10 X 11″ w/c paper

Heraldry of old, horses with banners and wings bringing messages of childhood, of princes and princesses, of royalty, chivalry, valiant pursuits,

but not life threatening ones.  Rather the ones that live on the pages of my moldy antique books, the Masterpiece Theatres of costumed and outdated customs, of ladies of honor and gents who defend or deflower it.

The child king and queen reign, trying out their battles to see which are worth fighting.  The loser today may tomorrow be victor.

In the workshop we started out with colorful Rohrshachs (always a favorite warm up) and drip creatures, of which this is mine.  Wet some of the middle of the paper, drop colored and black inks on and let them explode.  Squirt on a bit of gesso and scrape it into and through the inks.  Let it drip to get some legs and feet appearing.  Voila!  Your spirit guide appears.


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