Salmon running

Citrasolved paper collage, acrylic on w/c paper 10 X 11″

The salmon always run, and we must welcome them as the sustenance for more than the body of woman. . .as the running fervor of a life worth living, even through and beyond the destruction of habitat, even through the unconscious living which lacks the vibrancy of a shimmery wet creature wriggling in your hands and burrowing into a space, not only in your stomach, but in the heart, where its beat and yours are joined in celebration. . .

Something about the words which remained after the Citrasolve dissolved the others, “The salmon always run, but if their habitat is destroyed. . .” and the obvious love and reverence of this fisherwoman kissing her fish. . .I found very moving.

I had to go out and pet my chickens and tell them how much I appreciate their eggs and the way they ornament my garden with their elegant feathers.


  1. The picture transfered me into the spiritual realm at a glimpse. This awesome artwork expresses the movement of the light – gives something like a sip of fresh breath to the viewer and thus makes the spectator into the real participant of gratitude for being alive. art by Tomas sits in an awe and bow to you… Thank you


  2. You capture the experience in an amazing way. I feel I am witnessing salmon journeying not in a stillness, but in the dynamic reality of it. I’m so happy I came across your blog.


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