Citrasolv art and fuzzy edges

Citrasolved paper collage, ink

Secrets long buried lure me into a world with fuzzy edges and liquid thoughts.  I wander to the lunar frog crossing and wonder at the ordeals this amphibious hero must face.  Would I be so bold as to cross the frozen expanse with nothing but my sticky feet and imaginal cells to carry me?

Dear Frog Hero, what would you say to a cowardly self doubter like myself?

(response) “The answer lies on the other side of the page.

Flipping through the pages of a National Geographic that has been “citrasolved” (inks dissolved by Citrasolv cleaning concentrate) induces a kind of wakeful dreaming.  There is just enough pictorial information to get the imagination going, weaving all sorts of story lines.  They are somehow so emotional in content, because one has so little precise information, so they become like Rohrshach tests.  Oh, there I go again with that ink blot business.



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