Guardian of Goofdom

Inks, acrylic, gesso and mica texture on w/c paper

You know that axle you get wound around by being so damn serious?  I know it well.  So along comes this cave creature to lighten things up a bit.  There always seems to be one wheel or another spinning along, waiting to grind us up. .  . unless we listen to the Guardian of Goofdom!

Woopeeeee!  Look at me!  I fly above the jagged wheel of life and dip down now and then for a wild carnival ride, cotton candy, ferris wheel and fire eater.  When my skirts get singed I fly away.

My face is bulbous, my fashion outdated and my body quite baggy.   I’m not here to impress, but to make people laugh.

I am the Guardian of Goofdom and proud of it.


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