Cave Paintings by the Muse Students

by Muse S.J.

In my cave birds flew off the walls and circled round me – more beautiful than breath itself.

Last weekend’s Muse groups created the most amazing “cave art”, drawn and painted on paper textured with acrylic mediums and sands and irridescents and other ground earth substances.  We did a guided meditation on entering the cave which informed some of the paintings.

by Muse Judy

Other pieces started out as abstract ink drip creatures that developed personalities and even spoke!

by Muse Billie

by Muse Phyllis

We discovered that Higgins Black India ink granulates when mixed with water, aiding with the appearance of a rock like texture.

by Muse Paula

by Muse Carole

Next:  More creatures from prehistoric times. . .



    1. Thanks Chrissie! It’s 140 lb cold pressed watercolor paper, Arches brand. It buckles just a bit, but flattens out enough when we put them in an ongoing art journal book (with 2 simple rings).


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