A Taste of an Empty Nest

She offers up sweet scents to this ravenous beast of rampant imaginings, for the last of the school buses have left and the door has opened. 

Overnight her house has spawned a multitude of new rooms, spacious halls, dramatic interiors, luxury baths with immaculate tiled showers, gourmet restaurants, meditation halls, and banks of capacious cabinets and closets all waiting to be filled. . .and visitors arriving on mysterious errands. She comes upon scenes, invites herself in, to take a bite of a colorful new dish, join a visiting saint, walk down steps to a stone hearth. . .

 Who invited all these folks coming now to fill these spacious rooms? On what errands do they come?    I may have lost my head, and my bearings may have fallen out, but it’s still my house after all, my dream.  They’re my guests.  So welcome all!  There’s space for you now and I am making myself ready.

My younger son Andy just graduated from high school and then left a couple days ago for a week’s vacation.  In August he will be moving into the dorms at his university.  So I guess it’s not surprising that the very night he left I had a dream that my house had quite unexpectedly grown spacious.  I find myself daydreaming about all the things I will do now with this imagined space and time which will be opening up.

Of course in reality I am not moving to a larger home.  I will not have more than a wee bit more time on my hands, since Andy had already become a quite independent fellow.  His room in our home will remain his for the foreseeable future, to return to for holidays and vacations.

Yet this inner space, so brilliantly depicted in my dream, is the home of the imagination and it needs a constantly expanding environment.  So I will return to these musings in weeks to come, when tuition payments and other “empty nest” challenges come due.  There are after all no taxes levied on this inner house of mine, no mortgage payments coming due.


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