A luscious rainy day for art. . .

The Studio in the Orchard

At the end of the path is the front door to my studio and the entrance for the Open Studio event going on this weekend and next.  The rain today has not stopped many people from coming out, and I’ve seen a marvelous assortment of rain hats and boots.  Personally I’m really loving the explosion of green in the garden and fresh rain washed air.  Reminds me of the east coast or maybe even Norway where I lived years ago.

Inside the studio there’s a wall of the latest whimsical “Party Bird” series.

And at the other end the “Roots and Wings” series.

And so I sit in the middle of my own paradox with the sublime on one side and the ridiculous on the other, and in the luscious bowl of verdant spring. . .

See the little orange bell shaped flower in the window?  Abutilon.  In quiet moments I watch the hummingbirds drinking nectar with their needle thin beaks up in the bells.

So who cares if it rains again tomorrow?  And if you prefer not to venture out this weekend, there’s always next weekend when we’ll be open again both days, 10am-5pm.  Art at the Source



  1. What a beautiful place to visit. It reminds me that I haven’t visited your blog for quite a while, and though California is a bit far from my studio in Ontario, Canada, I can do that!


  2. You studio looks so inviting. I love all the color outside and in.
    I hope I can make it next weekend.
    Thanks for your delightful art and the beauty you create in and around you.
    Blessings till we meet again.


  3. Hi Susan!
    I haven´t visit your blog for quite some time. Now i look around in it and I just love your birds! So wonderful!
    Last weekend on saturday i attended a workshop in Intuitive painting and meditation. I loved that and I will try that again.
    I will scan a small painting I did at home ,if you want to see in my Facebook, to night.

    Best regard

    ps Hummingbirds! I wisch I could be in your studio and look at them! 🙂 ds


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