A Birdie Bow

“A Birdie Bow”, acrylic and skins on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

This little birdie is framed and on the studio wall now, and ready to take his bow when people come to Open Studios this weekend.  You are coming I hope, rain or shine?

Seems like it will be rain, to make it all that much more exciting.  We are just so bewildered here in the Santa Rosa, California area with this lush, rainy late spring season.  Why, this is the time when we’re always guaranteed to have hot sunny days.  Lots of outdoor weddings and jazz concerts and markets and more getting rescheduled.  But not Art at the Source Open Studios!   Our doors will be open and it will be warm and cozy inside with the art.

I’ll be doing painting demos on Saturday at 12 and Sunday at 11 so come watch (Studio 14b).  And my husband Bob Cornelis will be showing his photography here at Studio 14a.  Check out the map here and plan your visits.

And if you’re far away, don’t worry.  I’ll post some studio pictures here this weekend and think of you.



  1. I am so enjoying your birds…they are so vibrant and they bring a smile to my face:)
    Enjoy your open studio weekend….I guess Germany qualifies as being too far away so I will have to settle for the foto tour.


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