Madame Butterfly

“Madame Butterfly”, Acrylic on w/c paper, 11″X7″

Another in the Meta- series of color studies which will be available at Art at the Source Open Studios first two weekends in June.

My garden is full of butterflies right now, mostly Pipevine Swallowtails with an occational Tiger Swallowtail, and lots of those juicy black with neon orange polk dotted caterpillars, very hungry ones.  My youngest son graduates from high school today and is undergoing his own metamorphosis, which of course precipitates my own (empty nest anticipation).  When the inner confusion of it all gets strong, I squat down in the vines and watch the caterpillars munching, getting it all back into perspective.



  1. While I was in Key West a week ago, I visited Key West Butterfly, a habitat for butterflies maintained by the Nature Conservancy. I delighted in seeing all the many different types of butterflies flying freely about; the vibrancy of coloring, the varied sizes, seeing the cocoons up close, the interesting facts about them made this a highlight. And it’s said that if a butterfly lands on you, you will have good luck (a number touched down on my shoulders and hair).


  2. It’s such a lovely piece, Susan, and your comment is very touching. That perspective is important, isn’t it–and you have such an effective and creative way of dealing with it. Your personality shines through in your art.


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