More nature sketches

by Jeanine

Just as we learn to draw by drawing (alot), we can learn to design by doing lots of  little paintings/sketches where we have to balance shapes and harmonize colors and alternate warm and cool and follow all those natural principles of design.  These student pieces are such delightful examples of this.

by Peggy

Can you just hear the lines of poetry forming when you look at these?

In the afternoon we all went outside and focused on a subject silently for 5 minutes, memorizing it so that we could come back in and draw/paint it from memory.  A great way to give yourself confidence in your art making ability and become convinced that painting is about more than simply copying.

We need some quiet space to do as William Blake asserts and “See infinity in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower”. 

Or as Jean Houston says “When you take a flower in your hand, it’s your world for the moment.  Looking is engaging the soul.”



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