Nature (chilled) Sketched

green sharpee pen and watercolor in Arches Travel book

What is it about my nature sketchbooking workshops, often scheduled during the intoxicating season of spring, that a cold front enters and drives us indoors?  After a couple weeks of perfect, sunny weather, we had temps in the 50’s today and gray skies.  But it never seems to matter much.  We made quick forays outside, returning to the warmth of the studio to paint in comfort.

The above sketch was done on paper prepared first with plastic wrap pressed onto wet watercolor for texture.

Flowers after all can be cut, and designed onto a page already prepared with window shapes, like this one, an example of positive and negative painting.

This page was prepared first by stamping a pattern on with corrugated cardboard.  We found it easier to develop a sketch with some color beginning to add onto.

Tomorrow see some of the student sketches!



  1. Like this!
    I bought a little watercolor box to take with me in the garden. But I could not find the time to sit down. I mean : I did´nt find the calm in me to do that.


  2. I love the way you designed the roses, striking and interesting. I also am drawn to the nest and how you tucked it within the lines. Much more interesting ! Fun Fun !


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