Dual Identity

acrylic, collage with CitraSolv magazine papers on illustration board, 20 X 15″

It would be fun to make a story from this painting, but I’ll leave that to you.  I took it out today after letting it sit in a drawer unfinished for months.  The “solutions” finally presented themselves, not in story form but in shapes and colors and their connections.

I started out with some National Geographic pages that had been “Citra Solved” to release some unusual images.  This is all the rage in mixed media painting circles these days.  Pretty simple.  You splash some Citra Solv cleaning fluid onto pages of National Geographics and as soon as the inks start to dissolve, tear out the pages which have turned into ghostly, mysterious and wonderful shapes and colors.  Let them dry and you have papers for collage.  Of course the next step is harder. . .integrating them into a painting. . .which is why this one was in the drawer for so long.

I’m working on a title and would welcome suggestions!  This and many of the other paintings you’ve seen here for the past few months will be for sale at Art at the Source Open Studios the first two weekends in June!  Hope to see you then.  I’ll also be doing painting demos each of the four days.



  1. (This comment is from Billie.) This is an incredible piece. I’m not sure why, but “Hellos and goodbyes” are the words that came to me after I looked at it for awhile. Are they walking into a room, or leaving it? Is she entering something new or leaving something behind? Beginnings and endings, starts and finishes, hellos and goodbyes….


  2. Interesting. I was thinking of one of those photographs taken using a mirror. A friend had some of her wedding pictures taken that way. So, yes, sort of a hello/goodbye feeling for me, too!


  3. Behind you
    A rosy morning
    The nightly rose
    Dearest behind

    Those are the words who come to my mind when I see the picture.
    It looks like morning and night and a stream in the middle of rosy lovelyness who is behind you and waiting to be discovered.


  4. Susan, this is fantastic ! I LOVE it ! I love the colors, the curves of the drawing in contrast with the lines of the paper, textures… feeling…
    Only YOU can find a title!!
    As for me, I do not see anyone leaving, I get this feeling of sensuality and playful teasing…
    But you titled it dual identity… can you go further with that ??


    1. Well, I finally titled it, keeping it simple, “Rose and I”, which has a double meaning (so the double gets in there) but leaves room for viewers to interpret the way they wish. Thanks for your comment Isabelle. As for dual identity. . .I think I have quite a few more identities than two and get exhausted just thinking about them all. Better to keep it simple.


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