Lapses With Fragrance Born Reveries

Acrylic, collage and collaged acrylic paint “skins” on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

(Demo in Saturday Muse Group)

i lapse with such fragrance born reveries and wonder at all the green activities and egg born fatasies and sit with a lapfull of color rising up out of warmth of sun drenching into a sky littered with crazy flyers

i pack memory bags with seeds and petals to sew together later when the roof closes in overhead and I need to feel that mad scrambling of life again and walk through the grasses of years past brushing against my knees, a press of years rustling in the fragrant grasses around me, biting at my ankles and grabbing my breath. 

there’s too much green here, like too much pollen in the air, too many memories

or maybe just enough.

The spring garden enticed us out for the Saturday Muse Group.  So we took paper in hand and practiced inhaling the garden life through all the senses before allowing those rich sensations to light on the page.  I started by writing in pencil on the paper whatever came to mind and scribble sketching an arbor shape which caught my eye.  You can see the ghost of my scribblings at the top here.  When I got to the line (which became the title) I stopped and went inside to move some paint around.

For our art play technique we made and incorporated acrylic paint “skins” into our pieces.  They were bright and flowery and introduced a random kind of shape into our patterns.  Some of us felt that it would be easier to work with the skins before we started developing the piece so that we could respond to the appealing “randomness” of their shapes and brilliance of the colors rather than trying to fit them in later.

To make the skins we just spread some acrylic paints out on heavy plastic sheeting to dry and pealed them off!  I’ve been reading about this from the paint manufacturers lately as a new technique, but you may have discovered this long ago as a result of drying acrylic paints.  We found that it was so appealing to peal the paint up that you started to forget that you were supposed to be painting!

The Muse Groups meet on a six month cycle, but we welcome drop in students.  For the dates you can go to my Imagine With Art website and contact me.

And if you want to enjoy some art reverie time in my studio garden, there is still space in the Nature Sketchbooking workshop this Saturday, May 14.


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