Back from Sedona

Pink Lady, acrylic on w/c paper, 10 X 10″

Back from Sedona with piles of unfinished paintings from the Robert Burridge workshop last week and renewed excitement for my painting life!  I think I will be digesting all that I learned for the next couple years at least.  Bob Burridge is a painter who makes teaching painting into a performance art with lots of laughter and encouragement to be outrageously creative. . .my kinda guy.

So I’ll try to share bits and pieces of my experience here and definitely in the Muse groups and upcoming workshops.  And if you want to meet him and his art in person, he’ll be at the Sausalito Art Fair this summer.

Did you guess that the above piece is a color study?

Green Lady, 11 X 7″

You guessed it. Another color study with green as the dominant color.  I did six with different color schemes and a theme of “chance” with playing card collage.



  1. whewwww I just had to catch up on all the posts that I missed…wow,,,loving your flowers and the nice accordian book you made…the “chick” looks great hanging in the vestibule and this Pink Lady popped off my screen…love it!!


  2. It’s clear that a spell in the West is good for artists. (Another friend just came back from New Mexico and posted a fabulous study, too.) Looking forward to seeing more of your wonderful work.


  3. Wow, Susan… great work! Aren’t those color studies fabulous? I think learning to work with the “elements” is so freeing. Paint with concept first, and let the object emerge…. rather than painting “towards” an object, and trying too hard to gather strategies to reach the goal. Going straight for a concepts– like color studies combined with your theme of chance, almost like an equation– and letting it move toward whatever it wants is a way straight to the heart and soul of painting.

    Can you tell I’m working on these ideas? Burridge supports the absolute joy of artistry. So do these new works!


    1. You make it sound so sublime! I like the idea of an equation that leads you into the heart of painting. As in Math, you could try a lot of equations til you got the one that “worked”.


  4. Fascinating conversations in these responses . . . .

    I’ve had Robert Burridge on my list of “Want to Take a Workshop From” for a long time. These words and works have made me determined to do it as soon as possible!


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