Game of Chance

gloss gel, acrylic inks, playing cards, sequins

A Game of Chance in a Topsy Turvy World

The game of chance makes topsy turvy – right side up queens with crowns aloft or upside down – they don’t care but keep their eyes on hoarded treasures in underground vaults where seeds lie dormant. . .then sprout, working their head buds to the surface as roots and gentle threads of thirsty fibers descend, fed by underground springs.

We never know which seeds will sprout.  This is the game of life, a game of chance in a topsy turvy world.


One comment

  1. Hi Susan! You are so right. And some seeds that come from old tomatoes in our compost, which then become earth, can suddenly begin to grow among the flowers. Or an old potatoes that have been thrown away and not really become earth can give a potato plant without planning it. 🙂
    About sketching, I really need to practice sketching. I have not done so well with my cat pictures. So I have given up a bit … right now I just enjoy your beautiful budding flowers.


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