Show offs

Sharpee pen and watercolor, 3″ X 8″

It’s hard not to think of fairy hats when these Columbine bloom in the spring.  Last year I mistook their first leaves for a weed (Oxalis I think) and pulled them up.  But this year they’ve reseeded all over the garden under the apple tree behind the studio so the blooms are in among the fallen white petals of the apple blossoms.  Surely a fairy hang out, at least for a while.

Such a show off, this peony, about 5 inches across.  It’s now “melting” in the rain after a week’s debut.  It’s the second and last bloom of this little plant that is barely thick enough to hold it up. And when it droops, that will be it, the whole show until next spring.  Some people are like that too, using up all their resources for one brief fling.

The April issue of the Imagine With Art newsletter was published today.  You are welcome to view it here and subscribe as well.



  1. I love your art and so enjoy receiving it in my e-mail. Wish I could come to California for a workshop but that’s not possible so I will just ejoy looking at your lovely paintings.


  2. Wonderfull flowers and sketches!
    In sweden we call Columbine Akvileja or Akleja. I have white dubble columbine in my garden, and at my birth island, Gotland, it grow wild.
    We have a song we call ” Ut i vår hage där växa blå bär” = “In our meadow, there grow blueberries” – where we lists a lot of different flower varieties that grow there-
    “In our meadow, there grow blueberries.
    -Come Valentine’s delight!
    Do you want me something, so we meet there(we will meet there).
    -Come lilies and Akvileja (Colombine),
    Come roses and sage,
    Come sweet (mentha crispa)
    Come Valentine’s delight!”


  3. Here is the following words of the song:
    Beautiful little flowers that invite to dance.
    Do you want to bind me for you a wreath of flowers.

    The wreath I put then on your hair.
    The sun goes down but the hope is.

    Out in our meadow are flowers and berries,
    But out of all your dearest to me.

    The gramma is, I think, not so good…but I think you understand… 🙂


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