Smoke and Snow in a Little Book

Sharpee pen and watercolor in accordian fold w/c sketchbook, 3″X8″

I have to admit I’m getting a bit behind on this bud/bloom sketch-a-day challenge.  After all, when you sit and look at your garden in the spring, the whispers soon turn into shouts of “fertilize me!” (the roses) “weed me!”  “trim me!” and you jump up and grab the gloves.  So that’s what I did yesterday, but found this one little Snowflake plant under the oak tree and took a few minutes to put it in the book.

Sometimes I get a bit carried away with the color, but hopefully that’s where the visual poetry lies.

Handmade accordian fold sketchbook

This little book is made from half a sheet of Arches 140 lb CP paper and inserted temporarily into a little booklet.  I may turn it over and paint on the other side as well before binding it so that both sides can be seen.

May 14 I’ll be teaching a Nature Sketchbooking workshop at my studio here in north Sebastopol, California.  We’ll explore ways to take in this heady season of buds and blooms and record your own unique impressions in a watercolor sketchbook.  There will be drawing warm-ups, watercolor painting technique and some fun sketchbook collage and printing with nature’s textures demonstrated.  Hope you can come!  More info about registration available on the link.



  1. Hi Susan!
    I wish I could come! It seems like a fun and interesting workshop! Right now we, me and my husband, is saving to make a travel to San Francisco and Sebastopol. I don´t know when the trip will be, maby next year, but I will keep on looking at your blog about workshops you are planning. Maby we can stay at the Bed and Breakfast you told us about recent. :o)


  2. Susan I love this little book. The drawings are so fresh, and the colors energizing. I think I may take a hint from you and start a little book of my own starting May 1 since we are about a month behind you guys up here in Way-Northern California. Peonies are only now just coming up so it should be beautiful next month. Love the chickens too. I have a Blue Cochin and a bunch of Belgian d’Uccle bantams and I love them to death….better than TV in my opinion. I have a friend who lives in Sebastopol so maybe will get there sometime and visit you and your flock…happy spring!!!


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