A Bud a Day

green Sharpee pen and watercolor, 3 X 4″

Day one I cut up a sheet of CP watercolor paper and made an accordian fold sketchbook, 3″X4″ which required some gluing and drying.

Day two my studio got thoroughly torn apart as a contractor spent the day in here helping me build new storage.  So after dinner and in the last minutes of daylight and while the neighbor boy was weed whacking (the most hideous high pitching whining sound!) I did the above sketch, skipping the part where I was going to just sit and take in the lovely spring evening before starting to sketch.  On the contrary I could hardly wait to finish!

The reason I’m telling you this is to let you know that I know life is never as perfect as our romantic notions about it, and the same is true of art.  But we do it anyway. . .because we must!

(a 2 page spread) 3″ X 8″

So today instead of the weed whack whining I was surrounded by chickens clucking. . .a vast improvement. . .and the full force of midday sun reflecting off my paper.  I’ve been spotting Pipevine Swallowtail butterflies in the blossoms. . .and the blue of this sky. . .




  1. I love that you’ve given yourself this challenge. I’ve done something similar recently because I felt that my work had gotten too tight. I was so focused on the perfection of the little details that it had lost it’s life. Your watercolor sketches are SO full of life and color and fun! I just love them.
    I’d love to get your feedback on my artistic journey. Although I’ve been drawing for years, I’ve never allowed myself to be an artist until now and I’m really hoping to expand my skills and my creativity. Advice and guidance from others would be more than welcome.


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