Managing Ebullience?

acrylic inks, gesso, collage  (Muse group demo)

Ebulience! Dynamics in a sea of change.  Why get seasick when you can go with the flow, tap dance, kick up and go?  Spring is the time to get out there and chant with the frogs, dive with the swans and flap your flippers.

Ah, but keep your balance!  Take naps, dig in the dirt, listen to the bee buzzing and blossom popping and stare out into space, inhaling the heady fragrance of those outrageous pink blossoms while nature drives you mad with longing.

How accurate this image is for how I feel now with new sprays of white apple blossoms popping open around me each day now.  My chickens must feel it too with their choruses of vigorous clucking throughout the day and generous egg laying.

Sometimes this excess of feeling is hard to manage.  Something about the apple blossoms in particular. . .perhaps a residue of my plein aire painting days when I was feverish to find time to get out and do paintings of them. . .they are here so briefly, and then the butterflies arrive in a flutter to sip and sip.

I just want to sit and watch the spectacle and sketch a bit and stare into space or close my eyes and inhale the fragrance and feel the warmth. . .and I feel almost jealous of Phil the cat, who does just exactly all of that (minus the sketching) all day when he’s not pestering me for food or attention.  But why is spring also so full of life’s eternal business on the human level – college visits and garden maintenance, and birthdays, and tax preparation and so on. . .all important and to be cherished (well, maybe not the taxes) but, well, consumers of TIME.

So hear me now!  Starting today, for one month, I will sit in my garden for at least 15 and hopefully 30 minutes or more each day, no matter how busy I am, and sketch a bud or a bloom, spending at least 5 minutes of that time breathing in the sounds and smells and sights around me.  And since I will be traveling for about 1 1/2 weeks this month I will be taking this on the road.

Do you want to make it a challenge and join me?



  1. Hi Susan!
    It sounds so wonderful to sit outside and just soak up the atmosphere and the spring with everything on site. Although it was long ago I sat and sketched, I get very inspired by what you write.
    If I don´t sit outside in the garden, I’ll at least try to sit and sketch my cats indoors. And when I get to my holiday home, I’ll sit and sketch in the garden.
    How many chicken do you have?
    Regards /Lola


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