Out of the Box!

a little bit of everything on w/c paper!

Little ole lady shape shifter, tired now of her marketing and taking flight, while the flocks below wait to eat or be eaten with little else in mind.  The pocketbooks and widow garb are but a disguise.  Look in her eyes and you’ll get a fright!  No frailty here.  Only the power of transformation and omniscience.  She’ll read your mind and tell you where you need to go.  “Out of the box!” she shouts.  “Off the ground, NOW!”

Another from the Dangerous Old Woman series.  My mother is one like this.  Andy picked her up at her Assisted Living home yesterday to attend my husband Bob‘s photography opening at Thumbprint Cellars.

In she comes escorted by her grandson, bent over her walker with her cloud of white hair and almost blind eyes and a big smile for everyone.  Frail in body but “dangerous” in spirit.

Dangerous here refers to standing in her danger or protection, the benevolence of our wise mothers (and fathers) who exhort us to find our own voice, think out of the box, find our wings, and take off!



  1. Love the name of your series, and how the old woman in the collage seems to have a sure grip on that winged creature but still knows how to let it sing. Fun!


  2. I always thought “dangerous” was a good thing. You said it best:

    “Dangerous … refers to standing in her danger or protection.”

    Something to practice with pride.


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