Weekend in the City

pen and watercolor, 5 X 7″

Just spent a 3 day weekend in the “big city” (San Francisco and Berkeley area) with husband Bob who was itching to get out and shoot (his camera).  I guess this Sonoma county nature gets a little boring when you see it every day and you get a yen for some big buildings and hustle bustle.

So I tagged along and got a chance to tune up my sketchbooking, which has gotten a bit rusty lately.

We had lunch at MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) where there’s a current exhibit on “Exposed: Voyeurism, Surveillance and the Camera”.  The only part of the exhibit we saw was the free one in the lobby where a man and woman were making out rather passionately.  The tip off was that there was a spot light on them.  Oh, that and the fact that they were still at it an hour later when we returned. It’s probably all over Facebook because there were lots of cell phones taking pictures.  So while I was waiting for Bob, who was out shooting the big buildings, I sat down next to a couple of giggling teenage boys to sketch.  But those hands were moving so fast up and down each other’s bodies, that it wasn’t easy.  The bra was on the floor – a very effective prop.

Once again I found a place to sit and wait and sketched one of the scores of photographers who were taking advantage of the spring weather. I was just so fascinated with this guy’s bald head, and the weird pollarded trees.

And then a lovely spot in the sun at the Botanical Garden. . .

Where were the bees these last ten days of downpour, that now they emerge, the honeys and the bumblers, to join me as i sketch? Did they skip raincoated and umbrellaed from blossom to blossom to sip their spring nectars?



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