Arboreal Guardian

Acrylic, collage on Masa paper mounted on w/c paper, 27 X 21″

After the title for this piece “Arboreal Guardian” came I was reminded of Julia Butterfly Hill and her legendary relationship with Luna, the giant redwood tree she inhabited for two years.  When she speaks of that time, it is with such reverence for the great spirit of the tree whose life she defended with her own life (from the chain saws of the lumber company). She feels that the tree in fact saved her as well, taught her patience and flexibility and endurance.  Luna became her spiritual teacher.

None of this was consciously in my mind as I painted this piece.  Actually whatever was in my mind refuses at this moment to be put into words!  Which is as it should be.  The image will speak louder. . .



  1. Another stunning piece, Susan. It’s wonderful how you’ve fused the angel and redwood into a single organic whole and yet also given the figure such fluidity or movement. Brilliant coloring.


  2. Oh…. how beautiful is the Guardian. I found this very moving, following on from viewing you sketching in the Spring Garden with Nimbus digging for worms. You have a rare gift, indeed. =)


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