Perigee and Equinox

acrylic, image transfer on w/c paper, a demo from the Image Transfer workshop

Spring revolves in swirling spheres

returns all wet and spring sprung

caterpillars munching

and long  grassy arms reaching upward

receiving without censoring

the rain or hail or sunshine or moonbeams

of the perigee in this equinox

when all creatures stand poised

with one foot in day

the other equally in night

swaying to the rhythms of tidal waves and quakes

and faraway (but not so far) revolutions

spring revolves in swirling spheres.

I spent the morning in consultation with my husband about how to organize and improve the use of space in my jam packed studio.  Spring cleaning fever on this first day of spring perhaps?  And powered up by a full moon in perigee, so close and yet invisible to us this past storm tossed night.

Yesterday while there was a steady downpour outside with the creek next to my studio swelling and the hillside above spouting new waterfalls through abandoned gopher tunnels, we explored nature shapes in image transfers added to our abstract paintings.

Here are some of the student pieces. Using gel medium we transfered both ink jet and toner/laser prints.

by Jean

by Billie

by Karen




  1. Oh, I saw the big moon this sunday evening. I tried to catch it with my mobile camera,but it didn´t went well; I could only see a little dot of light among other dot of lights from the street lightning. ;o) But i remember it in my mind.
    I would like to get a spring cleaning fever on a day of spring, soon. We will go to my birth-island this weekend. But I think it will be a slight colder, than it are now, when we are there. Now it is about + 8*C, and it´s blowing. The snow has melting but it still snow left. It go fast now, the sun is really warm.

    Best regards!


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