Because the world needs angels. . .

Acrylic on masa paper, 28 X 21″

Yes, the world needs angels, the human kind who are tied with powerful roots to the earth and its creatures, the kind that uses wings not to fly but to cast a comforting mantle of love over the suffering.

It surprised me a bit that my next paintings in the Roots and Wings series have been of angels, until I remembered that this is what painters and other artists do when we are having the emotions of the world running through our dream bodies.  We image our way through them, blindly at first, until something gets down on paper where we can look at it.

Thich Nhat Hanh in a message to friends in Japan said, “An event such as this [recent earthquake/tsunami] reminds us of the impermanent nature of our lives.  It helps us remember that what’s most important is to love each other, to be there for each other, and to treasure each moment we have that we are alive.  This is the best that we can do for those who have died:  we can live in such a way that they continue, beautifully, in us.

We can become the human angels.



  1. oh wow … this manifestation is certainly the truth with a capital “T” … the love of which you speak is the opposite of the fear abounding right now, especially the one that has so many shopping desperately for iodine foods … these wings that comfort the suffering are so full of luminosity … i expect they are also covering us as we sleep tonight and go about our little tasks in the world tomorrow … i’m full up … thank you …


    1. Honestly Muriel I think I’m also painting angels for my mother who at 92 is so close to the time of joining the angelic choirs. Her best friend surrounded herself with pictures and figurines of angels and right before she died her eyes lit up and she said the angels were there to get her.


  2. Susan,

    Your conversations often speak to me, but I read this one just tonight, after getting word of the loss of a very special person in my life, a role model for how to be a loving and positive woman. The angel imagery and quote were so perfect for today. Thank you for sharing your art and wisdom.



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