More Student Musings

I’ve been busy celebrating my birthday, eating too much and not getting out to the studio for a couple days.  But I wanted to share some of the remarkable Muse group student work that inspired me last weekend.

by Muse Muriel

When Muriel showed this piece we couldn’t stop staring. The eyes just want to explore and join in the revelry and comfort.

by Muse Pat

Personal and mystical – the faces of the ancestors (image transfer), veils (cheesecloth etc.), paint and collage, paint on collage.

by Muse Phyllis

Jumping gee willikers! Ever had a bad hair day?  If you knew how to paint like this, it would never have to get you down.

by Muse Anne

Colors bring out the depth of secret presence in the heart of nature.”  (unknown by me author)

And it’s true that these colors painted together in this piece invite us right into the heart of nature.

by Muse Barbara

So much fun texture and technique here, from crinkled Masa to stamping, collage and careful painting.  To read what she wrote about it, check out her blog.

If you’re interested in becoming a Muse yourself, let me know (in the comments) and I’ll tell you more.  A new 6 month session of the Sunday Muse group is starting April 3 (in Sebastopol, CA) and there are spaces for new members at this writing.  I know many of you are too far away to join, so one of these days I’ll create an online course to include you too!






    THE HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS (of should I say birdays) to you………..our dearest teacher and mentor; wishes for a wonderful year of inspiration and new musings…………


    Judy Markoff


  2. Hi Susan! When you writhe: “I know many of you are too far away to join, so one of these days I’ll create an online course to include you too!” I just hade a thougt that I would like to travel the hole long way to America and Sebastopol to becoming a Muse in your group.
    That would be so fun! But that is not possible right now.
    But perhaps a visit….
    Back to reality!
    Happy birthday to you!


    1. THat would be fun to have you come from. . .where?. . .are you Swedish by chance? In any case you can come any time and visit me here. I tried to post on your blog, but couldn’t understand the prompts and must have deleted it!


  3. Belated happy birthday, it sounds like you had a good one.
    Oh, yes!! Please create an online Muse group, that would be awesome. I read your blog and marvel at the students work.


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