Entwined in Nature

acrylic on Masa paper mounted and collaged on canvas, 22 X 28″

Roots moving downward, anchoring, stabilizing, securing, connecting us to the past, to ancestors, nature spirits.  . .roots drawing us into the earth for soul nourishing and exploring of treasure filled caverns of dark and light. . .shining jewels and bones of instincts long repressed, dark secrets, powerful allies, fossils of incomparable value, small creatures who live in earthen tunnels and are blind in sun, who gnaw on roots for nourishment and find protection in invisibility.  . .a hidden staircase whose entrance lies hidden behind rock and inside tree trunks, descending in spirals . . .

This painting, the second in the Roots and Wings series I’ve just started, continues my fascination with crinkled Masa paper but also this theme of the figure entwined in nature, the human as inextricable part of nature, growing out of the earth like some exotic mushroom.

Looking back I realize that this has been a theme for me for years now.  I’m always wanting to paint the figure as an organic shape sprouting leaves or growing out of rocks. (see my web gallery) Maybe I have a new name for this series, but I’m more consistent in my painting content than I thought!



  1. Lovely, Susan! I Whish I could do someting like this on my pottery. I could´nt do it so beutyful but…I could try… Right now I learning to paint with colored cley.
    A few years ago I painted wet in wet, colors who flowed into one another. I painted sunrice and sunset, seeds that germinated in soil in four different stages until it became a seed pod. It was very calming and inspiring, but I could not do that at home. Have no corner where I can sit and just be creative. Having a place where only I can be and do what comes to mind is my greatest wish.


  2. well: when i saw this up close and personal i realized it was the first painting i had layed eyes on for a long time that i wanted to have for myself … or is that response my own desire to be rooted and gracefully moving through life, having taken from nature/God and needing to give out of that bounty as this figure charmingly does … doing masa on top of masa is brilliant!


    1. Thanks for your interest! Yes, I sell giclee prints both on watercolor paper and canvas. For this particular image, Entwined, I can print any size approx 14 X 20″ ($160 for watercolor paper) and larger. Let me know if you’re interested and I’d be happy to sell you a print.


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