The Theatre of Life

Well, Isabelle guessed it!  The little extraterrestrial creature in my last post was a photograph of the bottom of a section of skull, probably a rat or gopher or some such.  Nature produces such an infinitude of shapes and textures and our metaphorical mind elaborates in yet another infinity of creations!

acrylic, gel transfer, collage on w/c paper

The theatre of life, Roo presiding center stage and oh so sleepy because he’s asleep and dreaming of the dance which, like the mind never stops whirling in  pink motion and costumed parading. Roo is emcee to life and knows the score, the music and the plot and has seen it repeated on different stages, in different eras and with constantly changing costumes.  But the plot lines remain the same – birth and death, love and war, jealousy and revenge, death and resurrection, defeat and triumph.  Out of boredom now his eyes close even as he stands front and center on the stage of life and wonders, “When I open my eyes, will you still be here?”

This piece began when I picked some green lichen off the trees on a walk in Annadel State Park and later photographed and printed it and then did a gel transfer onto a painted surface.  It looked like dancers to me with so much movement I could almost hear the music! Then looking through my collage files I found an old magazine I’d purchased in France last spring and got the idea of a theatre.  Roo was an irresistable picture from Nat’l Geo.

And then it all led to a contemplation of life as we know it as a mere projection onto the screen of the mind. True wisdom is seeing it as just that, no more real than a dream. . . but such a mesmerizing one. . .


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