Image Transfers of Nature’s Patterns

acrylic inks, gesso and image transfer (dry gel medium) on w/c paper

I will call this one ET Phone Home, and ask you to guess what nature image this little guy came from.  The spiny tree “frond” on the right is separate.  Hint:  I picked it up on my walk last week by the side of the road.  It’s about 2 inches long. I painted just a bit after the transfer just to clarify the image.

I’m having so much fun preparing for the March 19th workshop “Image Transfers with Nature’s Patterns”. There’s still room to sign up if you’d like to play around with these surprising offerings of natural images.  The beauty of it is that you can copy them without worrying about copyright infringement (if you photograph them yourself that is)!

acrylic and dry gel image transfers on w/c paper

I was fascinated by the spotted texture of leaf mold on these leaves I found, probably on the same walk, next to a puddle.  They work well as little tree shapes in a landscape.  The dry gel transfer process is quite simple and works with laser or toner copy prints.  I like to use black and white prints to transfer and invent my own colors to go under and over the transfer.  We’ll also be transferring ink jet prints using a different process in the workshop.




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