BAMG Marathon

charcoal pencil in sketchbook

This is not a panhandler on a corner downtown.  It’s one of the models on the stage at the BAy Area Model’s Guild Marathon in Oakland yesterday.  I was there 10am-4:30pm with only one break long enough to head to the bathroom and eat quickly!  A very intense environment, packed with artists elbow to elbow and stages with 2-3 models clothed and non-clothed on 4 different stages simultaneously.  I positioned myself between the 5/10 minute and 20 minute stages and swiveled back and forth.

I brought a big 18 X 24″ drawing pad and started with some warm ups and this 20 minute pose.

ink and gouache on brown craft paper coated with matte medium

Here I’m trying to channel Toulouse Lautrec, whose amazing museum in Albi, France I visited last spring.  He painted on something like cardboard or brown paper.  All I had was craft paper, pretty poor quality, probably not acid free, but the right color!  So I’d painted a few sheets with matte medium and brought them along.  They turned out to be my favorites.  I suppose I could try to mix an acrylic that color to coat my paper with?

The models – this one, Lisa – must have known what I was up to.  Can’t you just imagine one of those bordellos that Lautrec frequented in Paris?

I was so happy to see a zaftig model that I might have overdone the zaftig – ness here. . .

The great thing of course is that you only have to paint the lines, a few darks, a touch of gouache color and white,  especially helpful when you’re doing a 10 minute sketch.


More sketches tomorrow. . .




  1. My sister and I traveled all over France and visited the Albi museum in 1983. In all those years since, you’re the first person to ever mention it. We had a terrific time there.

    Those touches of red or red-orange pop against the browns. The images have great personality.

    Looking forward to what you share tomorrow.


  2. Love, love, love your work. Now when you say you put on medium, did you do this prior to drawing, or after?
    I have a life drawing session this week and your work has gotten me even more inspired.


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